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Quench Pipe Design And Fabrication:

We design, fabricate and install MRI / PET helium cryogenic quench pipe safety systems. The quench safe system is required to make the MRI superconductor relatively inactive. This results in helium escaping very rapidly from the cryogen bath. This means that the coils ceases to be a superconductor and become resistive. A quench will in general be accompanied by a loud bang or thundering or hissing or rushing sound with the cold gas expulsion.

Quenching may occur by activation of the magnet STOP button, or spontaneously, caused by a fault in the magnet itself. The magnet emergency stop button should only be used in the event of the magnetic field causing patient or personnel injury, and a shutdown of the static field is necessary, or if fire or some other unforeseen occurrence requires the quick access of emergency personnel to the examination room.

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Quench Installation
mri_quench_pipe 3d image mri_quench_pipe connection mri_quench_pipe_1 Quench_install.wmv

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